Hi I’m Sonya and I am a Textile Artist from The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada.  My journey to becoming a textile artist began in the 1970s as a kid who fell in love with the utilitarian, double-knit polyester, hand-tied quilts I got to experience at my friends house.  I took up traditional quilting in my 20s and have been creating textile arts for over 25 years.  Honing my skills over time, I began experimenting with colour, texture and new approaches with fabric and thread. Eventually I tried improv-style quilting and threw out the ruler – and the rules! I developed my own free-spirited, intuitive approach including experimenting with different methods to display my textile art. My art is colourful, cheerful and playful, reflecting my positive approach to life. I’m an optimist and want to convey that in my art. Life is short and my art reminds me to “live-out-loud” and not to take life too seriously.  

Thanks for visiting my site!